Top 5 Client Complaints in Home Improvement Construction

1. Integrity- The ability to trust the contractor and those who work for him
2. Communication- Having clear, consistent lines of communication throughout the project
3. Cleanliness- Maintain a safe, clean job site during and after the project
4. Professionalism- Handling all dealings in good faith ensuring liability with respect to the client, their home and family
5. Deliverables- Completing the job according to plan, assured quality, timeline and meeting your expectations

Top 5 Client Complaints in Home Improvement Construction

These are the “Top 5 complaints” clients experience when dealing with a home improvement contractor. The challenge remains that upon the initial sale; specific perception, expectations and trust is established but all too often not delivered.

Often the homeowner feels they are doing a great job finding the most cost effective, but at the end of the day you more often than not get what you pay for. Or, the salesman does a great job setting the stage and closing the client yet the execution is where the issues begin. The key is to have a very clear understanding of these concerns up front. Occasionally, project history, pictures and even references don’t equal a good experience for you.

Often times the references given are hand picked or from a different time period that does not reflect the current team you are dealing with.
Contractors will try to scale according to demand, hire new people they are unfamiliar with or inexperienced subs to get the job completed. You then become a casualty of their “money grab” and them having so much business or not enough to matter makes your experience irrelevant.

Liability is another major factor. What could possibly happen right? If your contractor hires someone and they get hurt on your property they can sue you! If you have a problem with your roof or home as a result of work they did you are now responsible. These are all things you must be mindful of when gambling with an uninsured contractor.

Here’s a big one, a contractor building with no permits- when you go to sell your home you may be in for a big surprise by the inspector as you have additions that are not in code. This could cost you to remove, replace or be fined because you built with no inspections. Or, someone reports your work, the city shows up, stops your job midpoint, fines you, delays your job for 30-90 days then makes you re-do work at your expense you have already paid for.

These are all REAL issues that we have seen, heard and helped people resolve so we would strongly encourage you to be very diligent and responsible when hiring a contractor.

Buildometry would be happy to assist you in your next project in the DFW area and wish you the very best in all of your home improvements! Contact us today!

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