Beautiful and functional, patio roll down screens simply make outdoor living better. Retractable patio screens efficiently block the sun and wind, keep the insects out and give you the flexibility of incremental privacy. Buildometry offers both motorized and hand-crank options, in sizes customized for your space, we have solutions for every setup and budget, with financing available to qualified clients.

Enhanced Outdoor Living

Committed to creating beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces, Buildometry offers roll down screens so our clients can comfortably enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. Consider the following benefits:

Motorized & Retractable Patio Screens

Flexible Sun Screening – The enjoyment of sunshine on your outdoor space may fluctuate with the time of day and the season of the year. Though sun may be welcome in the morning and all day long during the colder months, it can be obtrusive and uncomfortable in the afternoon or hottest months of the year, especially if your space is western facing. With a retractable screen, you control when you bring the sun into your outdoor living space.

Protection from Wind and Rain – You can enjoy your patio space comfortably even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. Our roll down screens serve as a barrier to wind and rain. With special attachments, your screen will stay securely in place, even when the wind is blowing.

Insect Control – Roll down screens can serve as an effective barrier against mosquitos, June bugs, cicadas, flies and other unpopular patio guests of the insect variety.

Privacy – Though many choose an open patio for easy access and optimal views, there are times when privacy is desired. With retractable shades, privacy becomes an easy option.

Energy Conservation – Patio screens also serve as a valuable defense against interior heat gain from sun, helping to reduce interior cooling costs. They also make western-facing rooms more comfortable in the afternoons, and will protect the home’s or business’ contents, such as furniture and rugs, from fading resulting from sun exposure.

Patio Roll Away Shade Features

With our shades, homeowners are enjoying their patio spaces throughout the year, independent of what mother nature delivers. Retractable patio screens:

  • are built with premier textiles. Using UV stable fabrics, such as Twitchell Textilene and Phifer Suntex, the screens are resistant to fading. The PVC-coated polyester is highly durable, mildew resistant and easy to clean.
  • engineered to last and manufactured with precision. The shade’s extruded hood, which houses the screen when not in use, is 66% thicker than sheet-roll formed hoods, making it highly dent resistant. Galvanized inserts give the hood side caps enhanced structural integrity and an aesthetically pleasing profile.

Want to spend more time outdoors? We invite you to consider all the benefits roll down screens will bring to your outdoor living space. Ready to get started? Contact us today!