Stained and stamped concrete continues to grow in popularity, and there are good reasons for this. It is unique – no two stained and/or stamped patios are going to be the same, each will be a one-of-a-kind concept. Technology has advanced such that virtually any design sought can be created. Dying and staining options are endless – the color you have in mind can be achieved. What’s more, colors and patterns can be mixed within the patio to create interest with variation. Stained and stamped concrete is also incredibly durable, requiring very little maintenance. Then you factor in the financial aspect. Stained and stamped concrete patios come with an affordable price tag, one that can boost the overall home value.

Stained & Stamped Concrete

Endless Concrete Design Options

Concrete can be tinted, stamped, embossed, scored and etched to create various looks. It can be stained once cured and dyes can even be added during the mixing phase. Some of our more popular requests include creating the look of tile, flagstone, wood and slate. We often design borders to frame the space and add a degree of depth. With our custom stamping we can provide significant texture and interest. With our precision scoring we can lay in just about any design the customer dreams up. Have a specific border in mind? We can do it. Seeking a flagstone look? We can achieve it. How about wood? Yes, that’s an option. Brick? Yes. A Texas star? No problem. Textured surface? Of course.

Affordable and Durable

High-end stone and brick pavers can be pricey. And though some design options can push up the cost of stained and stamped concrete, these surfaces are going to cost far less than a deck surface. Decking also requires more maintenance – think sanding and repainting/staining and resealing. Stained concrete will have to be resealed, and the time intervals for maintenance will vary given the environment and exposure, but the necessary maintenance will be less frequent than that of wood decking. And, concrete is an incredibly strong surface unlikely to breakdown over time. Concrete patios are there to stay once installed; unlike pavers, pieces won’t lift with natural ground shifting. Some pavers, particularly those laid improperly, will end up with vegetation (typically weed) breaches as the years pass. Solid-surface stamped and stained concrete does not have mortar or grout sections susceptible to vegetation breach.

How It Works

Color, or tint, may be added to the concrete during the mixing phase. Alternatively, or in addition, color may be added to the surface after the concrete is poured, but before it has set. Concrete can also be painted and/or stained once it is fully cured. Each of these processes produces a different look. If we’re stamping or embossing, once concrete is poured and starts to firm up, we apply a special release to the surface. Next, we begin imprinting with one or multiple patterns using large, rubber molds to create a beautiful design and texture. Concrete scoring is basically the process of making a shallow groove in the concrete to create a shape or pattern. Concrete can be scored to simulate tile and stone; to create a defined border; or simply to section off an area of the patio. The design options are endless. Color, stamping and scoring can all create beautiful shapes and designs independently or in combination.

As a final step, once all the decorative elements have been completed, the concrete patio will be sealed. Though concrete is incredibly durable, over time it can wear from foot traffic and exposure to the outside elements. The seal protects the surface and provides for a beautiful finish. We offer sealers specifically designed to make the surface less slippery when wet. This is an ideal option for concrete patios and decking around swimming pools and fountains.
Residential and Commercial

With over 30 years of construction experience, we have the skills and knowledge to create the perfect decorative concrete patio. We work with contractors, business owners and homeowners. We understand the significance of timing in new construction and remodeling projects. You can count on us for reliable scheduling. And because we’re owner-operated, you can expect to see us on the jobsite regularly.

In summary, a stained concrete patio is an excellent choice for your outdoor living space. It can:

  • Transform the look and feel of the area
  • Bring color, texture and interest
  • Make the concrete surface less slippery
  • Withstand the outdoor elements
  • Provide years of enjoyment for the homeowner
  • Boost the resale value of the home

Dreaming of a perfect, one-of-a-kind decorative concrete patio? Do you have your vision of the perfect stain and design? Or, maybe you are seeking guidance as to what will look best in your space. Either way, you can count on Buildometry for top quality construction, impeccable design and industry-leading customer service. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.