Buildometry has partnered with Hearth so we can help you find financing options that best fit your needs. Pay for your project with predictable, monthly payments without tapping into your home equity. Check rates in under 2 minutes – Use Hearth’s paperless secure form to check rates quickly without affecting your credit score.

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Common Project Financing Questions:

No, when you complete the prequalification form, lenders perform a “soft” credit inquiry. This allows you to compare lender offerings without affecting your credit score.

Yes, all of our lenders have no pre-payment fees which means you can pay back your loan before the end of its term at no additional cost.

An unsecured loan is not linked to a specific piece of property (“collateral”) that the borrower agrees to give to the lender if the borrower does not pay back the loan. A secured loan, in contrast, always has some form of collateral, like a car or a house of which the lender can take possesion in the event of default.

Lenders look at many factors, including as your credit history, current debt-to-income ratio, your income, and your expenses in assessing your creditworthiness.