Advantages of Having an Outdoor Fire Pit

While they’ve been around for years, outdoor fire pits currently fascinate more homeowners than ever before. The trend of buyers looking to invest in their first fire pit table and homeowners upgrading their existing pits continues to grow. But what really makes fire pits so popular? Are they worth the money? Here’s everything you need … Read more

3 Great Ways To Improve Your Outdoor Living Location

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5 Steps to Hiring a Licensed Landscape Design Contractor

Selecting a landscape design contractor can make all the difference between a successful project and a frustrating one. Knowing that landscape design is a personal decision and that each landscaping project is different, you want to choose a professional licensed landscaper that really understands your vision and listens to your needs. With this guide, we’ll introduce you … Read more

4 Ways to Upscale Your Backyard

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Build Patio Covers with Buildometry

The best way to define your home and living space is through beautiful patio covers. Regardless of your preferences, you don’t have to worry about installing it; Buildometry is your ultimate designer. Factors to Consider When Installing Patio Covers You must figure out a few things when creating a livable outdoor space. Here are a … Read more

Metal or Aluminum Pergolas: Which One’s Ideal for Your Home?

Pergolas have always been popular in many homes. They are a perfect way to add value and enhance the usability of outdoor spaces. A well-rafted pergola will transform your home into a beautiful and comfortable area to enjoy the great outdoors. Metal and aluminum pergolas from Buildometry are the optimal way to provide great outdoor space. Metal … Read more