Landscape Design Services

Professionally designed landscaping can transform outdoor spaces. Professional landscapers, given their specialized training and experience, can design outdoor areas with plant life and hardscapes that will truly stand the test of time. Buildometry is proud to partner with A&H Landscaping to provide beautiful, enduring landscaping for our commercial and residential customers. You can count on us for a beautiful, personal landscape design, quality installation and trusted customer service throughout the project, and for years to come.

A&H Landscaping

Our Design Partner – A&H Landscaping

Ryan Haralson founded A&H Landscaping in 1984. For over 35 years, he’s been designing beautiful landscapes for homeowners and businesses. Over the years, he’s learned a thing or two about the Texas climate and brings this valuable knowledge to his design table. The end result is climate-smart, budget-conscious, aesthetically pleasing designs. What we love best about A&H’s work is that in each design they strive to incorporate the customer’s lifestyle and personality, creating unique and functional outdoor living spaces.

Benefits of Professional Landscape Design and Installation

Many of us can identify plants and shrubs we like at a nursery and most of us can point out pictures of outdoor designs that appeal to us. Some of us, however, simply know we have a blank canvas that needs something. In each of these scenarios, partnering with a professional landscaper makes sense. Not only will a designer tie elements together to create one cohesive look, but they will also choose what make sense for the:

  • climate
  • sun exposure
  • realistic watering opportunities
  • intended use of the overall space
  • and more.

Landscaping is an investment that pays off. It will boost curb appeal and homeowner return on investment. In commercial settings, professional landscaping can bolster consumer confidence and improve employee morale. Importantly, using a professional landscaper, a home or business owner can make confident investments in plants and hardscapes knowing these items have been specifically chosen to hold up and thrive in their specific environment. And finally, with professional installation:

  • vegetation and other design elements will be properly placed, with anticipated plant and tree growth factored in structures will be professionally constructed
  • new plants and vegetation will be fertilized to encourage root stability and future growth
  • new trees will be stabilized, where applicable, to withstand wind until roots are fully established
  • customers will have a trusted point of contact to rely on for questions or concerns after the project is complete

Landscaping Design and Installation Options

Modern landscaping plant life options are numerous and include hundreds and hundreds of varieties of bushes, trees, flowers and grasses. A knowledgeable designer will choose the right varieties to incorporate into a design that will evolve and endure. Designed appropriately, looks can change with the season and different colors can be enjoyed virtually year-round. Complimentary natural elements like rock, aggregate and wood can be added to the landscape for interest and function. Consider a crushed gravel path, decorative boulders or a rock-lined flower bed. Smart modern landscaping does not overlook man-made technology. At Buildometry, for instance, we capitalize on weed barriers and metal edging and have used beautiful, eco-friendly artificial turf on some projects. Additionally, incorporating arbors, pergolas and patios into professional landscaping designs, we can create focal points and functional outdoor living spaces surrounded beautifully by nature.

Designed for homeowners and businesses, working with projects big and small, our landscaping design and installation services include:

At Buildometry, we combine art and precision with our passion for building beauty. Check out our project gallery for some inspiration. And contact us today to discuss your professional landscape design and installation goals.