Top 5 Client Complaints in Home Improvement Construction

1. Integrity- The ability to trust the contractor and those who work for him 2. Communication- Having clear, consistent lines of communication throughout the project 3. Cleanliness- Maintain a safe, clean job site during and after the project 4. Professionalism- Handling all dealings in good faith ensuring liability with respect to the client, their home … Read more

Who to Trust With Your Outdoor Living Project?

It’s an unfortunate FACT that 80% of people who use contractors have a bad experience. This is not always contributed to a bad contractor yet is often due to lack of understanding of build spec and missed expectations by the client. 3 Bid Rule What this means is the old “3 Bid Rule” is not … Read more

Add an Outdoor Fireplace To Your Backyard

Outdoor fireplaces are great ways to personalize your outdoor space in a way that is also functional. Below are four reasons you may want to consider an outdoor fireplace as your next building project: Step Up Your Entertaining Game An outdoor fireplace is a perfect addition to your next outdoor social event. What better place … Read more

Add A Pergola to Your Outdoor Space

Wooden pergolas are a favorite among Buildometry customers because of their many benefits. Below you’ll find the top three reasons you should consider installing a pergola in your outdoor space: Tell A Story An outdoor pergola is a great way to tell your family’s story. Pergolas can be constructed in various shapes and designs, ensuring … Read more