4 Reasons to Have an Outside Kitchen

While many think of an outside kitchen as a luxury, they’re actually a very practical addition to any home. If you’ve ever wondered whether an outside kitchen was the right choice for you, consider the following four reasons to have one at your home. 1. Perfect for Summer There is nothing better than eating a healthy … Read more

Why A Patio Cover Is Essential

Taking the time to install a gorgeous patio off of the back of your home is an excellent idea. It gives you a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy with your family and friends, a great place to cook outdoors, and it increases the overall value of your home. However, your patio is not necessarily complete … Read more

10 Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Most homeowners have thought about how amazing it would be to have an outdoor kitchen. All those shows on television showcasing the estates of the rich and famous have them, so it’s seen as more of a luxury than a necessity. While it may not be a necessity, exactly, an outdoor kitchen is a very practical … Read more

Why You Need an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is similar to a traditional fireplace, except it’s built outside. The great thing about an outdoor place is that it can be used year-round, unlike traditional interior designs, which are only used during the cold months. If you’ve been considering the addition of an outdoor fireplace to your home, there is a … Read more

Why Are Some Bids More Than Others?

Great question and there are a few real explanations and may not be what you think. I like to use the gas price analogy. There are normally 3 grades of gas each having a higher value proposition based octane. This simply means you’re getting a better quality of fuel for your vehicle as most higher … Read more

Concrete is Not “Just Concrete”

Concrete is Concrete right? Just find the cheapest guy! NOPE From $4 per foot to $20 per foot concrete is all over the map. Even more so now with the “Decorative Phase”, stamped, stain, overlay, acid stains, epoxies etc. We are in a concrete frenzy but what about just simple basic concrete? 2 Major facts … Read more

Top 5 Client Complaints in Home Improvement Construction

1. Integrity- The ability to trust the contractor and those who work for him 2. Communication- Having clear, consistent lines of communication throughout the project 3. Cleanliness- Maintain a safe, clean job site during and after the project 4. Professionalism- Handling all dealings in good faith ensuring liability with respect to the client, their home … Read more

Who to Trust With Your Outdoor Living Project?

It’s an unfortunate FACT that 80% of people who use contractors have a bad experience. This is not always contributed to a bad contractor yet is often due to lack of understanding of build spec and missed expectations by the client. 3 Bid Rule What this means is the old “3 Bid Rule” is not … Read more