Why An Arbor Would Be A Great Addition

It’s simple really, they add great curb appeal to your home, provide great spots for plants and flowers to grow and create additional space for your home. There are a variety of arbor designs and materials for you to choose from ranging from the simple to the highly complex.

Choose From Thousands Of Designs

Why An Arbor Would Be A Great Addition

Arbors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a small rectangular archway, or as complex as running the entire width of your home and into your yard. Arbors are also one of the cheapest choices to choose from when adding value to your exterior property.  Unlike gazebos and pergolas, arbors are traditionally built with lattice (but not always) and tend to be built along pathways to help guide your guests down your property. They make great additions to stairways, concrete sidewalks, or general pathways between your personal flower gardens.

There are also an infinite number of materials for you to choose from to build an Arbor, each one has their own visual appeal. You can choose from traditional woods like Cedar, Oak, Redwood, or Mahogany. Or, you could choose from the newer PVC materials which come in a variety of colors.

Plants That Love Arbors

If your home already has several flowers and shrubs, why not add some nice climbing plants?  Honeysuckles, Passion flowers, Grape vines, Clematis and Climbing roses are all great choices for climbing plants which you could add to your arbor. Make an arbor large enough and you can have several large planters to grow your herbs situated along the walkway. You could also tie your tomatoes around the supports to keep them from falling over.

If you’d like to get yourself a beautifully designed Arbor, give us a call today!

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