Patios, Arbors & Pergolas: What Are They & What Is The Difference?

There are so many different building structures to choose from when designing your property and to the inexperienced, they could all look the same. Three popular ones which we deal with are patios, arbors & pergolas. All make for great living spaces to your backyard and all have their own little unique uses and styles. These structures add a lot of curb appeal to your property and allow for more use of your yard which otherwise might be wasted space. Carefully planned out designs can make your home appear to be as though it was straight from your favorite fantasy world.

Patios, Arbors & Pergolas: What Are They & What Is The Difference?


Arbors are smaller archways or walkways which are used to guide people from garden to garden. They traditionally are a separate structure, but they can also be attached to a home. Arbors also typically have lattice designs along the sides, which are great for climbing plants.


Patios are an extremely popular addition to homes. Like arbors & pergolas, they can be built as either an addition to your home, or be completely detached. They can have either a solid roof, or be completely open. Patios are very useful for large gatherings and outdoor eating. This differs greatly from an arbor simply from size and use.


Pergolas are built on top of a deck or patio and give the areas more shade. Like an arbor, pergolas are also built from posts and beams. A pergola can be built attached to the house, which is built from the side or edge of a roof. Pergolas also have several columns supporting the beams of the roof. If it is a freestanding structure, they will have more columns or posts than an Arbor, which typically at most has 4.

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